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Welcome to www.tbilisescort.com (hereinafter – “Website” or “Webpage”) managed by “Tbilisi Escort” LLC (hereinafter – “Tbilisi Escort”, “Company”, “we” or “our”). This Website Terms & Conditions (hereinafter – “Terms & Conditions”, “Terms”, or “Agreement”) and Privacy Policy (hereinafter – Privacy Policy), which is integral part of this Agreement, governs protection and use of your (hereinafter – “User”, “you” or “your”) personal data, as well as, governs your access to, entrance, use of the Website in any form. Please read these terms carefully, as it is a legitimate agreement.

By accessing and using the website, as well, by selecting appropriate field, you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you are not entitled to access the Website and you should immediately stop using it.


  1. Terms and explanations used in the Agreement
    • The terms used in this Agreement have the following meaning except when the meanings are clearly different in the context:
      • “User ” – a natural or legal entity that meets the requirements of this Agreement and uses the Web-Site Service, makes an Advertisement or seeks the desired service. The User is also a Registered User.
      • “Registered User” – a registered person who has an Advertisement on the Web-site.
      • “Advertisement” – information posted on the Web-site about Registered User’s service, data or profile.
      • “Terms & Conditions” or “Terms” – this Agreement concluded between the Company and the Customer, consent on which is provided electronically (by ticking the appropriate field on the website, which automatically equals to the User’s signature and is binding upon User), after reading the content of the Agreement. The agreement is made up of the terms and conditions of the use of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy.


  1. USER
    • By using the website, the user confirms that:
      • Is a physical person who is 18 years old;
      • Is legally capable, is not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic or toxic drugs, acknowledges the content of its will and the legal consequences of it;
      • Has read the Terms & Conditions of this agreement and is acceptable for him;
      • All the data provided is accurate;
    • The Parties agree that the abovementioned condition is the essential provision of this Agreement and, without it, this Agreement would not be concluded between the Parties.


  1. Function of Web-site
    • The Web-site is an intermediate platform that connects customers and Registered Users. Information provided on the Web-site serves to sell customer services and connect with other users.
    • Through the platform, Registered Users place an Advertisements about their services, such as advertisement services, marketing services, promo-girl service, escort service (companion for formal events) and any other service which is not against the law.
    • The Web-site is a dating service, for adult people who have reached 18 years of age, which aims to promote realization of only legitimate aims and rights. User’s Advertisement might not include advertisement of any kind of service and can only represent a profile for the purpose of dating other users. Any User places personal information on the Web-site only in accordance with its own interests.
    • The company is not the organizer, the participant, the seller or the buyer in any transaction. The Web-site is an intermediary platform that assists the seller and the buyer to connect with each other.


  1. User rights, obligations and responsibilities
    • By agreeing to this Agreement, you understand that by accessing the Web-site, you may see content that may be offensive, indecent or objectionable. No way the Web-site and/or company are responsible for content which is created by its Users, particularly Web-site can include graphics, pictures or texts of explicit sexual (erotic) content that is only for people over 18 years old (above 21 years in the countries where it is specified by law). It is prohibited to publish or process the personal data of another person.
    • The User is informed and agrees that the registered user itself is responsible for any information posted by the registered user. Information without any restrictions will include personal data, texts, images, videos, and any other information posted on the Web-site
    • The Web-site does not control the information that is transmitted by its registered users, and therefore does not guarantee the accuracy, perfection or quality of this content. The information posted on the Web-site does not have a legal force, the user is obliged to verify the accuracy of information before any financial transaction.
    • You agree that the Company is not obliged to review any Content before posting it, and you agree that the Company has the right (but not the obligation) to reject or remove any content which became accessible via Web-site. You agree that you must independently measure all risks associated with the use of the content, which also includes the reliability, perfection and benefits of this Content.
    • You agree that Web-site must not be used for following:
      • Receiving / rendering the services which is contrary to the Georgian legislation (including prostitution);
      • Minority rights violations;
      • Threatening, blackmailing, unlawful, harmful, offensive, slanderous in any form.
      • Hate and / or discrimination against racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social indicators or propaganda;
      • Deliberate violation of legal norms;
      • Collection and storage of other person’s personal information;
      • Violation of normal operation of the Web-site;
      • Participation in such activities in violation of restrictions and prohibitions under the agreement;
      • Placement of internet resource advertising of such topics (dating Web-site, etc.).
    • In case of any violation of this Agreement, the user will be limited to use Web-site. In such a case, the service fees already paid by the User are not refundable. Claims are not allowed on this matter. The Parties can refer issue to common courts of Georgia, in accordance with the rules established by the Georgian legislation.
    • All advertisements are posted by the Registered User after reading this Agreement and signing other relevant agreements, independently and in accordance with the personal will, which must not be contrary to the regulations and requirements, established by the Georgian legislation.
    • The Company is authorized to impose pre-modification (check) of User’s Advertisements in order to prevent unlawful delivery or action. The company does not have the obligation to publish or edit applications. All this depends entirely on the user’s desire and will. The use of the pre-moderation right of the Web-site depends on the information provided to the website about possible violation, and the Web-site is not responsible for the content of Advertisement before such violation is revealed.
    • Customers cannot make a conclusion about the legality of the transaction, based on the fact that the Advertisement is available on the Web-site.



  1. Permissions on Web-site Content
    • You acknowledge and agree that the Web-site and all the related software contains confidential information that is protected by law of intellectual property, other laws and international agreements. You agree not to make a change, not to sell, not to distribute these content and programs in whole or in part.
    • You agree not to repeat or copy, sell or resell, and not to use any part of the Web-site for any commercial purpose except when you have received the appropriate consent from the Company.
    • You acknowledge and agree to use the information posted on the Web-site only for personal purposes.
    • There can be links to other resources on the Web-site. You agree that the Web-site will not be responsible for access to these resources and their content, and any consequences of the use of this resource content.
  2. Exemption from guarantees
    • You acknowledge and agree that the Web-site is not responsible for accuracy, and completeness of the information posted in the Advertisement. The Company cannot guarantee that the information provided by the author of the Advertisement will coincide with actual data. The Registered User of specific Advertisement is fully responsibile for the content of such Advertisement. The Company has the right to advertise User’s content separately. The Company has the right to terminate any Advertisement at any time.
    • All agreements must be reached between the Users independently, the Web-site is not a party of the agreement reached between the Users. The Web-site only give possibility to use its information platform for placement of Advertisements, and does not guarantee that the results of the service will be in conformity with User’s expectations. The Web-site is not responsible for any user activity. All negotiations are directly between the Users.
    • User takes all the risks and responsibilities about using the Web-site. WebSite services are presented on “as is” basis. The Web-site does not guarantee that its service will be in compliance with your needs, that its service delivery will be uninterrupted, fast, reliable or without error, that Results that will be obtained using the Web-site will be accurate or reliable, that quality of any product, service, information, etc. that will be obtained using the Web-site will be in compliance with your expectations, that all bugs in the program will be corrected. The Web-site does not take any responsibility for any damage that may have been caused to your computer and your data downloaded from the Web-site. The Web-site is not responsible for conflicts between users and their results, which can be caused by using the Web-site and using the information posted on the Web-site.
    • The company cannot ensure error-free activity of all the technology and system of the Web-site. The Web-site is not responsible for the loss caused by the Web-site or the information posted on it. The Web-site is not responsible for unauthorized copying of personal information by third parties on other Web-site or media.
    • In case of violation of the agreement, the Company has the right to block the user’s IP address.


  1. Final provisions
    • These Terms are binding agreement with a legal force between you and the Web-site. Fees paid for services means the accession and consent to this Agreement and to the User’s obligation to pay the service fees in the amount and volume established by the Web-Site for the purpose of receiving the Service.
    • The Agreement may be changed without the prior notice, the new Agreement, Changes and additions to this Agreement is valid upon posting on the Web-site.
    • None of the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed to be the basis for any agency relationship or fiduciary duties, joint venture, hire-based agreement or any other activities, between you and the Company, that are not expressly provided in this Agreement.