Car Service

Don’t rely on public transport or private hire to travel around Tbilisi. Whether you require luxury car rental and car transfers service. Our experienced and ingenious concierges can organize all your travel requirements while you are in Tbilisi. From arriving in the country at Tbilisi international airport, to a quick ride a cross the city, we will provide the perfect luxury travel cars for you.

Would you like a deluxe limo complete with refreshments and your very own sexy hostess to meet you at the airport? We can arrange it. Step from arrivals and be whisked in to the back of a luxury limousine to be pampered and served by one of hour sexy and attentive model escorts. Loosen you tie, sit back and relax and let your hostess pour you a drink and maybe  practice her massage techniques to relieve tired shoulders, or an aching head. Our girls are the perfect antidote to a stressful journey. They will make your journey into central Tbilisi as peaceful or as erotic as you desire, as you travel the busy roads in comfort and in stile.

Or how about stepping into the confines of a flashy stretch limo, complete with music and bar? It’s the perfect way to start your party in the way you would like it to continue.

Always get use to your service…

Tbilisi Escort ♥